Gautam Shantilal Adani, one of the wealthiest people in the world and a billionaire industrialist and philanthropist from India, he is the director and founder of the Adani Group. The Adani Group, an Indian multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, was established by Gautam Adani in 1988 as a trading company under the umbrella of Adani Enterprises Limited. Priti Adani, Adani’s wife, is the foundation’s executive director, promoting social services.

NameGautam Shantilal Adani
EducationGujarat University, India
ChildrenKaran Adani and Jeet Adani.
AwardUSIBC Global Leadership Award

Early life

Adani was born into a Jain household on June 24, 1962, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, to Shantilal and Shantaben Adani. His sibling’s number 7 His parents had left their hometown of Tharad in Gujarat’s northern region. His father owned a small company that sold textiles. He acquired his education at Ahmedabad’s Sheth Chimanlal Nagindas Vidyalaya. He registered at Gujarat University to pursue a bachelor’s in commerce but left after the first year. Adani loved the business but wanted to avoid his father’s textile company.


Despite being drawn to business and wanting to start his own company, Gautam Adani decided against taking over his father’s textile company. 

Gautam Adani moved to Mumbai in 1978 while still a teen and started working for Mahendra Brothers as a diamond sorter. He spent about two to three years there before opening his diamond brokerage in Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar.

Adani Enterprises | Nifty50: Adani Enterprises enters Nifty 50. Will index  inclusion fuel the stock price?

In 1981, Mansukhbhai Adani, Gautam’s older brother, brought a plastics business to Ahmedabad and asked him to oversee operations. Adani eventually used this project as a gateway into global trade by importing polyvinyl chloride.

He started importing fundamental polymers in 1985 for small-scale businesses. In 1988, Adani founded Adani Exports, which is now known as Adani Enterprises.  Agriculture- and energy-related commodities are handled by the company.

In the 1990s, the company expanded. In 1991, Adani’s business benefited from economic liberalisation policies, and he started growing it by selling agricultural products, metals, and textiles.

The contract for the Mundra Port was given to Adani in 1995. The first jetty was built by him in 1995. At first, it was governed by Mundra Port & Special Economic Zone. The operations were later transferred to Adani Ports & SEZ. This multi-port operator is currently the largest privately owned one.

The power division of the Adani Group, Adani, launched Adani Power in 1996. It is the nation’s leading thermal power generator and has over 4620 thermal power units.

He also entered the electricity generation sector in 2006. He also bought the Carmichael coal mine in Queensland and the Abbot Point Port in Australia between 2009 and 2012.

Adani won the Solar Energy Corporation of India’s $6 billion bid, the highest solar bid in history, in May 2020. (SECI). The building of an 8000 MW solar power facility is planned for Adani Green. In addition, Adani Solar will add a 2000 MW production capacity for solar cells and modules.


Gautam Adani leads the Adani Foundation. The foundation also works in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha, in addition to Gujarat.

He donated nearly Rs 100 crore to the PM Cares Fund in March 2020 through the charitable arm of his organisation, according to specific sources, to fight COVID-19. Additionally, about Rs 5 crore and Rs 1 crore were donated to the Gujarat CM Relief Fund and the Maharashtra CM Relief Fund, respectively.

Gautam Adani’s Path to Success

After some time, the company grew. Adani was awarded the contract for Mundra Port “995. In 1995, he built the first jetty. Initially, Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone ran it. It later became known as Adani Ports & SEZ (APSEZ). In addition, Adani founded Adani Power in 1996, which is a division of the Adani Group’s power division. The largest thermal energy producer in the nation is Adani Power, which Gautam Adani founded and operates thermal power plants with a capacity of about 4620 MW.”


Forbes estimates that, as of June 9, 2021, the Gautam Adani family’s net worth will be approximately US$78.6 billion, or 56,89,196,900.00 INR (5.68 Arab). The corporation, however, had a significant share price reduction in recent weeks, and even its net worth decreased to $62.3 billion, or 46,27,48,82,50,000 Indian rupees (4.62 Arab).

Interesting Facts about Gautam Adani

  • Adani enrolled in Gujarat University’s commerce program but dropped out after the first semester.
  • Gautam Adani found employment as a diamond sorter in Mumbai in the 1980s after dropping out of college and turning down a job offer from his father’s textile business.
  • Before becoming wealthy at the age of 20, Adani started a brief career in diamond trading. He finally started a business importing and exporting goods in 1988.
  • Adani is said to have been abducted in 1998 in Ahmedabad under threat of violence for ransom after he and another person exited a pub. Ultimately freed them.
  • Adani was also intimately interested in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks; hotel staff helped him hide in a cellar from the assailants of the Taj restaurant, where he was eating at the time. He has been quoted as saying that from the table he was seated at, he saw militants enter the building.


  • Forbes estimates that he is the wealthiest individual in Asia and India, with a net worth of $155.7 billion.
  • The Gujarat Chief Minister presented Gautam Adani with the Excellence Management Award in 2007.
  • With a 22% market share, Fortune from the Adani Group is India’s most popular edible oil brand.
  • In 2004, Adani received the “ICSIAward for Excellence in Corporate Governance.”
  • In 2004, Gautam Adani received the GCCI Export Appreciation Award.
  • The Indian Ministry of Shipping granted Adani permission to comply in agreement with the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities in 2000.
  • In 2001, Gautam Adani was also given the “Golden Super Star Trading House” and “SOPA” awards.

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