Amit Agarwal, web geek and personal technology columnist, is the founder of Digital Inspiration. He is India’s first Professional blogger. He has been involved in advocating freedom of speech and an end to internet censorship in India. He is a regular speaker at technology and various blogging conferences. He is also a Technology Columnist at WSJ India. He has been awarded the Google Developer Expert title for GSuite and Google Apps Script.
Amit Agarwal-Professional blogger
Amit was born in the year 1977. He is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee. Initially he started working for ADP. In the year 2004, he quit his job to become an Indian blogger. He worked for The Wall Street Journal as personal technology columnist. He wrote an e-book, “The Most Useful Websites”. This book deals with the websites that are lesser known websites. It mentions about the websites that have the potential of increasing productivity of bloggers.He created the award winning Digital Inspirationblog which has been a popular one amongst all the blogs. It includes computer software, consumer gadgets and web applications that increase productivity.

Web applications by Amit
Amit created few popular web-applications and tools.He has worked on various technology projects like:
– Sleeping Time – This is a mashup service that estimates the sleeping habits of any Twitter user.
– Tall Tweets –This is a web applicationthat helps the users to write beyond 140 characters on Twitter.
– Zero Dollar Movies –This app is another source of free entertainment.
– Hundred Zeros – This catalogs the current free bestselling ebooks on Amazon.
– Podcast Gallery – It is an online directory of the best audio and video podcasts across all genres.
– RSS Search- This is a Google powered feed engine to help you discover RSS feeds around your favorite topics.
– HTML Mail- It composes email messages that are rich in HTML text and sends them online.
– AdSense Ads Preview and Sandbox Checker Tool- It displays Google ads per country for any keyword or webpage.
Amit Agarwal-Professional blogger
About Digital Inspiration
In the year 2004, Amit launched the Digital Inspiration which publishes tips & tutorials on efficient usage of software tools, services and web based technologies. The Google Adsense has featured this as a‘success story’. It is mentioned as ‘must read’ in India Today. It has beenrecommended in CNN Go which is the new travel and lifestyle website of CNN.
Amit appeared in various TV channels and print media like BBC, CNN IBN, CNBC, NDTV, The Economic Times and Lifehacker. The Economic Times calls him an out-of-the-box thinker. The Straits Times of Singapore have added him in their list of Asia’s Blog Stars.He launched the India Blog School in the year 2010. This was a non-profit initiative that aims to spread blogging culture in India.

From 2007 till 2010 he has been awarded with Most Valuable Professional award by Microsoft.
The blog Digital Inspiration has won the Best Technology Blog award at Indibloggies twice.
The Google Developer Expert title for GSuite and Google Apps Script.

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