T. S. Kalyanaraman is the founder, chairman, and managing director of Kalyan Jewellers, as well as the chairman of the Kalyan Group. Kalyan Jewellers is controlled by the Kalyan Group. His net worth is estimated at USD 1.1 billion, and he is listed as the 87th richest person in India.

NameT. S. Kalyanaraman IIyer
EducationSree Kerala Varma College and Studied commerce
ChildrenRamesh Kalyanaraman, Radika, Rajesh Kalyanaraman
AwardAnmol Ratna award at the National Jewellery Awards 2022


T. S. Kalyanaraman, a Seetharama iyer descendant, was born in Thrissur City, Kerala, in 1951 and received a degree in business from Sree Kerala Varma College.

Married to Ramadevi, a stay-at-home wife, he has three children and five grandchildren: two sons, one daughter, two grandsons, and three granddaughters. The inventory and finance departments are overseen by his eldest son, Rajesh Kalyanaraman, who is married to Maya Rajesh. At the same time, the marketing and operations divisions are run by Ramesh Kalyanaraman, who is married to Deepa Ramesh. His son-in-law, Karthik R, is the managing director of their most recent business, “Kalyan Developers,” while his daughter, Radhika, works as a housewife.

Early life

T. S. Kalyanaraman Iyer, the eldest son of T. R. Seetharamaiyer, was born in Thiruvananthapuram into a Tamil Brahmin family. His name is a tribute to the founder of the Kalyan Group, his paternal grandfather. When he was 12 years old, he started working in his father’s store and learned the trade from him. He subsequently enrolled at Sree Kerala Varma College to study commerce.


In 1993, he opened Kalyan Jewellers, his first jewellery store, in Thrissur City with a capital of $50,000. In the future, he expanded the company to 32 showrooms across South India. With a net worth of US$1.2 billion, Kalyanaraman was ranked 1476th in the most recent Forbes magazine annual list of billionaires in 2016.

Kalyan Group

The Kalyan group owns stakes in three businesses: Kalyan Silks (Kalyan Silks, Kalyan Sarees, and Kalyan Collections), Kalyan Jewellers, and, most recently, Kalyan Developers.

The organisation was founded in 1909 by priest T. S. Kalyanaraman, taking its name from its founder. Its current headquarters are in Kerala’s Thrissur. It originally began as a textile mill, which the government of Kerala eventually acquired. He then relocated to Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu and opened a textile store in Thrissur.

Once their kids were ready, he divided the business among his five sons in 1991. Later, his son, Seetharamaiyer, joined the company. T. S. Kalyanaraman, who chairs and manages Kalyan Jewellers, and T. S. Pattabhiraman, who chairs and manages Kalyan Silks, are the two important figures in the group.

With intentions to eventually enter the entertainment industry through a network of theatres, the group has recently expanded into the real estate development sector under the name Kalyan Developers. It may also soon enter the market for 7-star schools.

1. Kalyan Silks: 

T. S. Kalyanaramaiyer founded the textile store, which later blossomed to become a well-known global brand with the creation of Kalyan Silks, Kalyan Sarees, and Kalyan Collections.

Kalyan Silks, the world’s largest network of silk saree showrooms, has been the most reputable brand in Kerala for more than a century. Currently, Kalyan Silks is present domestically in Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Kottayam and internationally in Dubai and Sharjah with world-class showrooms.

With plans to establish a presence globally, the brand will soon be entering cities like Thiruvananthapuram, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore.

2. Kalyan Jewellers:

Kalyan Jewellers is India’s most prominent jewellery chain, with 7500 employees. Being a group member, it also has its main office in Kerala’s Thrissur city. The holding company for Kalyan Jewellers, Kalyan Group, is led and chaired by T. S. Kalyanaraman.

In Thrissur alone, Kalyan Jewellers was founded in 1993 with an investment of INR 7.5 million (INR 75 lakhs). Following the most recent Warburg fund-raiser, Kalyan Jewellers is valued at roughly $ 2 billion.

  • They were the first to sell only jewellery with a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) hallmark to expose fraud and unethical practices in the pricing and quality of gold. Modern carat metres have also been fitted to check the purity.
  • Later, Kalyan Jewellers rewarded its devoted consumers by launching the Kalyan Gold Card, a loyalty program. It was for the clients who weren’t restricted to the special offers and holiday presents.
  • Kalyan Jewelers was the second retail enterprise to price-tag its products and sell jewellery at the set actual rates. Additionally, to demonstrate their affordability and authenticity, they even went so far as to disclose the average cost of the most fundamental types of ornaments.

3. Kalyan Developers:

Last but not least, Kalyan Developers is the Kalyan Group’s most recent endeavour and has entered the market to bring transparency and eradicate the scars of delays, disappointment, and mistrust.

Although there isn’t much to say about it, Kalyan Developers’ first residential development, Kalyan Helioce, was just finished in Thrissur. In addition, they have projects in other cities, including Calicut, Trivandrum, Kochi, Coimbatore, Chennai, and Bangalore, that are in the works or are already underway. In addition, they provide Kalyan Properties, Kalyan Interior, and Kalyan Assist, among other services.


  • T S Kalyanaraman has been recognized with the ‘Anmol Ratna’ Award at the National Jewellery Awards 2022 by All India Gems and Jewellery Council. 
  • Mr. T. S. Kalyanaraman was honoured with a special award at the 44th International Advertising Association (IAA), Congress in Kochi. 

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