Desh Bandhu Gupta was an Indian businessman, philanthropist, and billionaire who founded the global pharmaceutical corporation Lupin Limited. 

deshbandu gupta
NameDesh Bandhu Gupta
EducationM.Sc. Chemistry
AwardA posthumous induction into the Hall of Fame was made in his honour during the CNBC TV18 India Business Leader Awards in April 2018.

Desh Bandhu Gupta Early life

Gupta was born on February 8, 1938, in Rajgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan. He was the eldest of five kids. He earned a master’s degree in chemistry from Mumbai University.

Desh Bandhu Gupta’s Career

Gupta’s initial priority was to combat tuberculosis, which at the time killed the most people in India. His tireless efforts to create a formulation and produce the drugs to eradicate TB from India were a resounding success. One of the top ten pharmaceutical corporations in the world today, Lupin Pharmaceuticals is owned by Gupta and produces pharmaceuticals for the paediatric, cardiovascular, anti-infectives, diabetology, asthma, and antituberculosis markets.

Gupta is a humanitarian in addition to being a teacher and an entrepreneur. He founded the Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation (LHWRF) on October 2, 1988, demonstrating his interest in public service and nation-building. The foundation has done a fantastic job of redefining and energising people’s lives in over 2,000 villages up to this point. More than two million people’s lives continue to be made happier by the organisation.

About Lupin Limited

Lupin Limited was founded in 1968 by Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta. He was a professor at BITS Pilani with the admirable goal of eradicating the diseases that were then common and claimed the lives of many people. However, turning things around in a booming industry like pharma was by no means an easy feat.

Lupin is the second-largest pharmaceutical firm in India, the 14th-largest generic medication maker globally, and the fifth-largest generic medicine producer globally. Additionally, it is South Africa’s fastest-growing generic pharmaceutical company. To aid in the nation’s fight against TB, Lupin cooperated with the government for the updated national TB program. In 1988, Lupin established the Lupin Human Welfare and Research Foundation as part of its commitment to social responsibility, just like most other pharmaceutical companies. Lupin began by transforming lives in 35 communities around Rajasthan and has since expanded to approximately 2200 villages nationwide.

Desh Bandhu Gupta’s personal life

Gupta was wedded to Manju and lived in Mumbai. His wife and five children—four daughters and one son—remain. Their son Nilesh Gupta serves as the Managing Director from his home in India. In contrast, their daughter Vinita D. Gupta serves as the Group President & CEO from her home in the United States.

Desh Bandhu Gupta’s net worth

Pharmacist Desh Bandhu Gupta is from India and owns a $3.9 billion fortune. Gupta, a Mumbai native born in 1938, amassed his money as the creator of the pharmaceutical company Lupin Limited. He founded Lupin in 1968 as a small vitamin company with a meagre investment of $120, driven by his passion for combating fatal diseases. Over the years, Lupin became one of the world’s top manufacturers of antibiotics with the Cephalosporin class and antituberculosis medications. The corporation currently operates 12 plants with an annual revenue of around $1.7 billion and has six research centres in India and Japan.


  • In 2009, the Pharma Leadership Summit presented Gupta with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Gupta won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the healthcare industry in 2011.
  • A Lifetime Achievement Award from Frost & Sullivan in 2013.
  • A posthumous induction into the Hall of Fame was made in his honour during the CNBC TV18 India Business Leader Awards in April 2018.

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