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There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach. We should be proud of our country not only for its heritage but also for nurturing many great entrepreneurs who revolutionized the world of innovations with their ideas.One among such is Sabeer Bhatia the Innovative thinking of Sabeer Bhatia has distinguished him as a leader and the most successful entrepreneur, triggering curiosity among many to know about him. So let me take the pleasure of sharing some noteworthy incidents from the life of the most successful entrepreneur Sabeer Bhatia at Silicon Valley.
Sabeer Bhatia Biography

Sabeer Bhatia was born on December 30, in the year 1968 in Chandigarh to an Indian army officer Mr. Baldev Bhatia and Mrs. Daman Bhatia, a senior officer at Central Bank of India. He had his schooling at Bishop Cotton’s School in Pune. As he was a bright student and more inclined towards Science and Technology he gained seat in BITS Pillani, here he was qualified for the most prestigious transfer scholarship at Cal-Tech which is known for being the toughest exams in the world. The interesting part is that Sabeer is the only applicant in the entire world in 1988 who got a passing score of 62 in that exam.

Being inspired by the legends like Steve Jobs, Vinod Khoshal and Scott McNealy and aspiring high has kept his best foot forward and got a job at Apple where he worked for a very short span as a system integrator. After that he joined Fire Power Systems Inc. In 1994 he along with his colleague Jack Smith from Apple started working on the concept, Java soft which is a web based database. Knowing its importance and usefulness they started a web based e-mail system which is popular by the name Hotmail which churned the cyber world.

Hotmail grew too hot in the cyber world turning many as competitors. Finally Microsoft bought it for US $ 400 million leaving Bhatia as one of the richest entrepreneurs in India. After that Bhatia worked there for a year and left it. A person with ideas can never sit ideal, soon after leaving Microsoft he started another venture called Arzoo Inc, which flopped. He relaunched it in 2010 as a travel portal. His journey to create is a never ending process where his brain is filled with many innovative ideas emerging out in the form of new e-ventures like live documents, nanocity,, etc.

Sabeer Bhatia Biography

Along with rewards he had many good rewards, like he was awarded as the entrepreneur of the year 1998 by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, he was selected as one of the 10 most successful entrepreneurs of the year 1998 by San Jose Mercury News and POV magazine, he was named in Upside magazine’s list of top trend setters as Elite’100 in the new economy, etc.

Apart from being successful, even his life style drew some lime light. He is not like many geek techies who often burry themselves into some constructive projects. He enjoys outside activities like skiing in winter and is a good badminton player. He owns a mansion in San Francisco overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. He has a passion for cars and loves driving in the lanes of San Francisco. He was in the news as a rumored boy friend of Aishwarya Rai. He was engaged to Geetha Oberoi in 2003 which was soon broken and was married to Tanya Sharma in 2008 and divorced her in 2013.

Sabeer had the essential entrepreneur skills for success. He made the world look at him. He made his country proud and mended his own path of success leading many young individuals in his way.



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