Shamit Khemka is the Founder and the CEO of SynapseIndia and Co-founder of Foodcloud. He is the regional director of Entrepreneurs’ Organization in South Asia. He has been associated with International Chandramauli Charitable Trust and Yogamission Charity. SynapseIndia is a premier IT solutions company that offers […]
S P Hinduja
Srichand P. Hinduja is the Chairman of the Hinduja Group of Companies and charitable Foundations and the head of the Hinduja Family. He is known as the Indian-born British business magnate and a philanthropist. He is one of the most successful Asians. He is the primary […]
Sulajja Firodia Motwani
Sulajja Firodia Motwani is the joint Managing Director of Kinetic Motor Company Ltd. She is best known asone of the Indian women entrepreneur and philanthropist.Her determination and courage has held the firm in best place. During her term, the company has expanded its growth and plottedcourse […]
Shahnaz Husain
Shahnaz Husain is the CEO of Shahnaz Herbals Inc. She is an entrepreneur known for her herbal cosmetics and skin care products. She is the ruler of the beauty world. She is known as the most prominent personalities of the corporate world. She has been well […]
Swati Piramal
Swati Piramal is the Vice Chairperson of Piramal Enterprises Ltd. The company relates to a leading drug discovery company which aims to bring affordable medicines at a reasonable price globally. She is one of the leading scientists who are involved in healthcare. She had contributed new […]
Shobhana Bhartia is the chairperson and editorial director of Hindustan Times Group. It is one of the India’s best newspaper and media houses. It is known for bestEnglish daily Hindustan Times, a Hindi newspaper and business paper Mint. Initially it was started by her father Krishna […]
Shikha Sharma is the Managing Director and the CEO of the Axis Bank. She is the chairperson of Axis Asset Management Company Ltd., Axis Bank UK Ltd., Axis Capital Ltd. and Axis Private Equity Ltd. Under her leadership, the Axis bank has been named as the […]
S. D. Shibulal is one of the seven founding members of Infosys. He was the CEO and the Managing Director of Infosys. He is the President of the Infosys Science Foundation for the year 2015. Since 2014, he stepped down from the post of CEO and […]
Subrata Roy is the founder and chairman of the Sahara India. He is the chairman of the Sahara Group of companies known as the ‘Sahara India Pariwar’. In the year 2004, the group was termed by as ‘the second largest employer in India’ by the Times […]