Micky Jagtiani:  The Middle East King

Micky Jagtiani (15th of August 1952) Chairman of Landmark Group, is tagged as one of the great businessman in India. His story would surely inspire many people out there as his ancestors were definitely not in the rich list. His story is filled with success. His vision helped in the phenomenal growth and success of Landmark Group. He struggled in his twenties to reach the top. He led his Group by dynamic culture of entrepreneurship.

At first he began his career as taxi driver and hotel cleaner. At time when his family was diagnosed with various diseases including his mother, father and brother, he was the one to look after them. He keeps himself in a very quiet life. No work, no experiences lead him to worries. But with his passion he took over his brother’s lease and the money which was left for him and opened a baby shop. He worked in his own store right from cleaning to delivery of the boxes. He mainly focused on Asian immigrants as he felt they would be keener to get items from his store.

He started the Landmark Group in Dubai which increased from six stores to 6,000 stores in various countries including India, Pakistan, China, Spain and Gulf. His philosophy is listening, adapting, and delivering exceptional value, whoever the customers are. His Landmark Group grew up its business in foods, hotels, their own logistics and many more. Now his net worth is about $5.1 Billion which makes him listed in richest people in India.

He strongly believes every organization has a responsibility to give back to society. Hence, he had a desire to come back to India and help the poor. Rather than earning for himself he thought to donate for the better cause for the society. By Landmark International Foundation of Empowerment he gave medical facilities and built slum schools for orphanages and underprivileged children which included more than 100000 people in India. He established the Landmark International Foundation of Empowerment to support underprivileged children in India by school and healthcare development programs. It helped to build homes for destitute children, community clinics and medical camps for slums and old age homes.

Early Life

Though he was born in Kuwait, he completed his schooling in Mumbai, Madras and Beirut, and in Lebanon. After completing his studies he went to London accounting school. But he dropped his studies and overlooked for his future career. His family company was diversified into leisure, food, hotels and electronics and its own logistics and distribution. It has 1000 stores across the Gulf, Middle East and India. His wife Renuka Jagtiani had always stood up beside him to support in his various aspects. She oversees the company’s fashion line.

He has two daughters and a son. Now, he is a billionaire mall developer. He bought a 6% stake in the UK high-street retailer Debenhams. He expanded his business empire from the Gulf to China.


In 2007, he was honored with the Retail Personality of the Year at the third Annual Retail Middle East.

In 2008, his name was enlisted in the Forbes Magazine for world’s billionaire.


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