Anand Burman, the chairman of Dabur, a well-known Indian consumer goods company that creates well-known products like Dabur Chyawanprash and Dabur Amla hair oil. He is from a well-known business family in India. His family have a wide range of interests, including consumer products, financial services, and healthcare. 

The chairman of Dabur is actively attempting to expand his business ties to nations besides India

Anand Burman has been actively seeking to extend his business interests outside of India and into Southeast Asia in recent years. This action was taken in response to the Indian market’s escalating competition and a desire to enter new markets in order to grow and become profitable. He is apparently looking for potential investments in both Southeast Asia and India in order to accomplish this. By acquiring established companies with established customer bases and supply chains, they would be able to gain a foothold in these markets very quickly.

He is also looking into other ways to grow their existing businesses in India in addition to acquisitions. To meet the rising demand, they intend to invest in additional product lines and broaden their distribution system.

Overall, Anand Burman has demonstrated a strategic focus on growth and expansion outside of the domestic market through his entry into Southeast Asia and efforts to grow his current businesses in India. He’ll stay relevant and competitive in the quickly changing business landscape thanks to his forward-thinking attitude and willingness to embrace new opportunities.




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