The nation’s top industrial conglomerate, Tata Group, is getting ready to reenter the personal care and cosmetics market. It intends to launch 20 Beauty Tech locations around the nation. Tata Group is in discussions with foreign companies about this. It is what a Reuters report asserts. The domestic company Nykaa and the Sephora brand owned by LVMH will be Tata’s direct competitors in this market. The nation’s $16 billion beauty and personal care business is expanding quickly. Reliance Industries, owned by Mukesh Ambani, also intends to establish more than 400 beauty salons nationwide. The first such store may open in Mumbai the following month.

Tata targets people ages 18 and 45 who can afford luxury products like Estee Lauder’s MAC and Bobbi Brown. The business can collaborate with foreign firms like Ellis Brooklyn, Gallinee, and The Honest Company. According to rumours, Tata is negotiating with more than 20 businesses to provide unique goods for its retail outlets. Tata stores will use virtual makeup stations and computerised skin scans, and based on this information, clients will be given offers to purchase high-end cosmetics.

Regarding the Reuters article, Tata opted not to respond. Galline, Ellis Brooklyn, and The Honest Company all declined to comment. Reliance declined to comment on this as well. The beauty buying app Tata CLiQ Palette was just released by Tata. The company already operates in the retail sector. It has partnerships with well-known international brands like Starbucks and Zara. According to the report, skincare and makeup will make up 70% of the products in beauty stores.

The first beauty shop from Tata might launch in March. Compared to China’s ($92 billion), India’s cosmetics and personal care market is relatively modest ($16 billion). But in the coming years, it is predicted to expand on average by 7%. Nykaa, a beauty retailer, plans to establish 300 locations nationwide. Currently, it operates 124 stores nationwide. 

Tata Group’s tutti was a voice in the beauty industry until a few decades ago. Simone Tata, the mother of Noel Tata, played a significant role in creating the Lakme brand in 1953. However, in 1998, Tata sold Lakme to a local division of Unilever Plc. The business returned to this market in 2014, but this time it’s serious. In an interview, Noel Tata, the non-executive chairman of Trent Ltd., which operates the retail stores for the Tata Group, stated that the company would emphasise footwear, undergarments, and cosmetics. He claimed that there is room for retail to grow.


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