Elon Musk

The richest person in the world is Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. He is one of the few people who can afford to buy Liverpool. Musk made a suggestion that he might be interested in acquiring Manchester United in August. Although Musk has acknowledged that he once supported Manchester United, it would be interesting to see him as the owner of Liverpool.

Musk might bring in funding to help Liverpool upgrade their team and once again contend for the Premier League championship.

Mukesh Ambani

In 2010, the business tycoon made a move to purchase Liverpool before FSG did, and he might do so again. At the time, Ambani and Subrata Roy reportedly said they would be willing to pay off Liverpool’s $237 million debt in exchange for a 51 percent ownership stake in the organisation. Reliance Industries Ltd., a Fortune Global 500 company and the most valuable company in India based on market value, is led by Ambani as chairman and managing director. He is the elder brother of billionaire Anil Ambani and currently the richest man in India.

Ambani, who has a net worth of $91.5 billion, has the money to buy the club. Rumor has it that he expressed interest in Liverpool in the years 2017–2018 and 2021, but FSG turned him down. He might take advantage of this opening to buy the club. Liverpool needed that financial boost at the time, and he was reportedly prepared to invest a lot. If they are to compete with Manchester City, their midfield needs to be significantly improved, and Ambani has the resources to do so.

Bill Gates

According to reports, the founder of Microsoft was approached in 2010 about purchasing Liverpool, but he chose not to accept the offer. In court documents related to the dispute between Mill Financial, its former co-owner George Gillett, and the Royal Bank of Scotland, the deal was revealed.

The offer was confirmed to Gates by former Liverpool chairman Sir Martin Broughton. When questioned about it during a deposition in 2017, Broughton responded “correct.” Given his extra time, Gates might think about starting a new project. He could easily afford the club, and Liverpool is a far more appealing investment prospect today than it was in 2010. Liverpool would be safe under Gates’ supervision and financial support.


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