Radhakishan Damani is a well-known Indian billionaire and the founder and CEO of the famous Indian supermarket chain DMart. He is regarded as one of the most affluent businessmen in the nation because he used his shrewd investments and business knowledge to create a vast empire. 

Recently, Damani, along with his family members, made a major real estate purchase in South Mumbai. They bought 28 apartments in the high-end residential property, Three Sixty West Society, located in Mumbai’s Worli district. The apartments, which have 5,000 square feet of carpet space, are estimated to be worth between Rs 40 crore and Rs 50 crore. 

Together with his family, Radhakishan Damani finalized one of the largest real estate deals in the country, amounting Rs. 1238 crore.

According to Hindustan Times, the average cost of a luxury apartment in Worli is between Rs 90,000 and Rs 1,05,000 per square foot, but the price at which the Damani deal was concluded was between Rs 65,000 and Rs 75,000.

The purchase of these 28 apartments, which cost a total of Rs 1,238 crore, demonstrates the immense wealth and power Damani and his family have. 

Damani is renowned for leading a low-key and private life, but this most recent real estate acquisition has made headlines about him and his family as they continue to make waves in the business world.


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