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Divi Murali Krishna Prasad is the chairman and the managing director of DIVIS laboratories. His net worth is about $2.03 billion which listed him in the India’s richest people.

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He completed his post-graduation in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the College of Pharmacy, Manipal. He received his doctoral degree from Kakatiya University. Murali started working forFike Chemical which was an American firm. He began his entrepreneurship in the year 1984. He became the member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society, American Cosmetic Society and American Pharmaceutical Association.He spend most of the years in US. He also worked for Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd (IDPL). He worked as a chemical engineer with his partner in Dr. Reddy’s.

Glance at his life

In the early 80’s he worked with DrAnji Reddy the owner of the Dr Reddy Laboratories. Then he joined as a director on the board of the Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. Both of them took over the Cheminor Drugs Ltd. and Globe Organics Ltd. which werethe ailing contract manufacturing company. During the period, Cheminor was difficult to revive as the company had only a few chemical reactors, the equipment used to produce APIs, which were churning out outdated products. It was the subsidiary of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. Murali concentrated mainly on the generics and drug discovery.murali divi

After parting the ways from Dr Reddy’s he started the DIVI laboratories in the year 1990. It is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company which has reached the top margins. The stock price has risen by 75 percent in these years. The company makes generics; and makes custom manufacturing by producing nutraceuticals. It supplies the active ingredients of drugs to big pharmaceutical manufacturers. The revenues of the company are mostly derived from the exports. The factories were approved by U.S Food & Drug Administration.


It is definitely a strong company as most of the Indian pharmaceutical industry was seeking fortune; Murali decided that his firm will stick to contract manufacturing of raw material for drugs. At that time, use anti-arthritis or anti-inflammatory drugs were becoming important aspects for 10-20 years. He enchased the opportunity by making active pharmaceutical ingredients or the APIs which was a compound in a drug that has the therapeutic effect. These were sold on a large scale in the market. Divis Laboratories does not manufacture final formulations which are the tablets and tonics. Murali felt this would change from service provider to another pharma company. This would be a competition between several companies.He has developed efficient processes in specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, Herbicides and Rodenticides and custom synthesis.

He then established the Divis Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is a sister concern of M/s. Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. in the year 1992. It provided the multipurpose facility situated at Kazipally which is a Kazipally Industrial area, 30 km from Hyderabad. The factory is designed to meet good manufacturing practices. It is a market leader inAntidepressant drug. It has met the stringent Regulatory norms in the manufacture of the Active Pharma ingredients (APIs) & Intermediates.

Murali has considerable expertise in implementing and managing bulk fine chemical manufacturing facilities conforming to GMP/US FDA standards.He has also led R&D teams. He has 2 children. His son KiranDivi works as the President & Director of Operations and daughter NilimaMotaparti also leads the managerial roles.

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In 2012, he was awarded with India’s Business leader awards by CNBC.



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