From Inspiration to Aspiration:

Everyone is all aware of the role played by the mighty web of the internet in taking of the flights if success. has always strived to unleash the various services provided by this world of internet to boast your earning capabilities and make you financially self-reliant in all the walks of professional lives.



This web company established in 2001 endeavoured to become the most authentic and reliable source of earning money for people from all the horizons in India. It assisted students, professionals and freelancers to earn more in a genuine way. It facilitated people and organisations to start their own online business, aggrandized the market of various web companies and helped freelancers to achieve better jobs.


Without indulging into any spam work, it generated genuine methods to earn money.

This included full time and part time jobs in various aspects. Also, generated online courses for online money earning, did the remarkable contribution to the field of SEO- search engine optimisation and offered all sorts of online jobs such as data entry, article writing, ad posting, and web designing and so on without any investment from the client. It helped organisations and individuals to develop their own website, maintain it and generate revenue from the same on the go.



While this task was the primary motto of the website, goes into a totally new Avatar and for obvious reasons. To not be a part of the internet hoax cult where fake sites, spoof sites or parodies of real sites bluffing people, promising unusual amounts and asking them to invest is taking up on the innocent people, transforms itself into an inspirational blog where it will publish success stories of Indian individuals and entrepreneurs who paved a way for successful career and serve as a matter of encouragement to one and all.

ibgates will bring forth the tales of what it takes to be a sensation!

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