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(A webcast is a media presentation distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. Essentially, webcasting is “broadcasting” over the Internet.)

“If we do not change, we do not grow.
If we do not grow, we aren’t living”
Change is an inevitable part of our life and one of the most essential ones.
To grow, physically, morally or financially, we need to change and adapt!
With these changing times, the ways of making money are also changing!
Want to be a part of this economic renaissance for yourself?
Point 1
We do not make promises of an outstanding salary/income
We do not assume that the money will flow to you automatically.
But one thing we are very sure of, is that if you follow what is taught by us, implement it in a static and prolific manner, you are good to go, with astonishingly best results!
Point 2
Easy money is much sought-after.
We don’t believe in delivering easy money.
Yes, we do trust in working and deserving the money for it.
Point 3
A common misconception that Internet will grant you an opportunity to start earning within 5 days!
We make genuine promises. And our approach suggests, it will take a couple of weeks at least to get your 1st pay. 
Point 4
No entertaining fake methods like ads clicking spam works etc. 
This is a total Secured legal and genuine work.
December 21st session: Online Business
Topics covered:
Setup website
Google Adsense
E commerce
Affiliate marketing
Flipping websites and domains
December 22nd session: Online Jobs
Topics covered:
Types of online jobs
Micro Tasks
Increasing profile authority
Sell your skills
Legal Agreements
Pre requisites to attend this program:

1. Should be familiar with internet
2. Understanding skills in English
3. System with good internet connection
Who can attend this web cast:

1. Students
2. Working People
3. Business People
4. Home makers
Key-note Speaker 1

Sruthi Annela
Director of
She did her PGPM at IBS Calcutta.
Conducted more than 50 seminars through
Provides services to students throughout India

Key-note Speaker 2

Srinivas Sarakadam
Sr Manager, Online Marketing - Trivedi LLC,Bhopal
He started his career with
Now he is well known SEO expert and Online Business Consultant in India.Know more at

For your optimized future register at the earliest, be the change you want to see!!
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2. Material and certificate.

 Online money earning


Earning money has never been easy. But since the dawn of technology, it has been making life easy and hence it has also made money earning very easy. Wondering how? Just think! It is all around you! Still didn’t get any hint of what it is? It is the Internet the thing which brought the whole world online for you. Yes, you are thinking it right. You can also earn money online. Online money earning has a growing popularity these days because you can make huge sum of money in a very little span of time and also there would be no manager to boss you and whom you have to fear. You can do the job whenever you want and wherever you are comfortable. All you need to possess is basic computer knowledge and must be familiar with using internet that’s it. You have no other way to earn money with such an ease as you can through internet. Trust me! Go online and start making money today.

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Setup your own 

Online Company


Setup your own Web Company



Work At Home

Postal diploma course on Online Money

Package price

Rs.10000 includes website,

training and material

Package price

Rs.12000 includes training,material and interface

  1. Internet Forecasters
  2. Internet Navigators  


Real projects to earn money at your home

16 week postal course(Telugu&English Medium) on 

Online Money

Price Rs.1880

Programme contains

  • Website
  • Web tools
  • Income integration
  • SEO
  • Schedule
  • Support


  • Web designing
  • Dedicated Web Platform
  • Web Soft wares
  • 1 Year tech support
  • WHM
  • Web technologies
  • 1 day Conference at Hyderabad on 03-02-2013


openings now

Selection Procedure:

  1. Fill your profile online
  2. Written Exam
  3. Interview 

  • Article writing
  • Content editing
  • English to Telugu translation
  • Telugu to English translation
  • Web Designing

9 Modules - 16 Lessons

First time in India

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To Enter into 

Net business

Start a Web company

Jobs on Internet

freelance works

Learn to earn money


Online part time jobs


Isn’t the income which you are getting sufficient to satisfy all you needs? Looking for some part-time? Then you have the very easy and efficient way through which you can make money which is equivalent to your full-time salary. Wondering what it could be? The very source is inside your house. Cannot figure it out still? It is working online. Yes, you have heard it right. You can do a part-time job online. Because of the increasing inflation and the highly unstable world economy, the need to earn more is increasing these days to have a secure future. Since, the employees must have to keep up with their regular full-time and manage their part-time, the work hours for a part-time are not really on demand since you can do your job conveniently whenever and from wherever you are, there is an increasing popularity of online part timejobs. So, go ahead and start making money fromy.  




SST Celebrates 10th Anniversary With 
Great Opportunities Than Ever Before...


Part time jobs from home

Are you a housewife? Looking after the family and all the household work and cannot make it to go outside and earn money and bring about some good fortune to your family? Then, this will be really good news for you and also for the people who are willing to work but cannot go outside and want to work from home. Heard of the internet right? If not, then go right away and learn about it somehow. Because it is the only efficient source which offers you part time jobs from home. Online money earning is the best way in which you can earn handsome amount of money in very less time. All you need to know is how to use the internet? Internet is a wonderful source which brings the whole world onto your fingertips. There is nothing which cannot be done through internet. You can learn, earn and can do almost everything you want.


Part time jobs for college students

Are you a college student looking for a part-time job? Have some part-times in sight but finding it hard to get time out of your hectic schedule? And even if you find time, not gaining acceptance from your parents because of all the difficulties you have to undergo at your age but you still want to do some job which does not include all such problems and which has really flexible work hours and pays you a really good amount for all your hard work? Then, the online money earning is the best way in which you can earn money. There are many part time jobs for college students on the internet through which you can make your dream come true. There are so many creative jobs like web designing which will not only help you make money but will also gain you some experience which you can put in your resume which would be further more useful in your future when you apply for jobs after your graduation or post graduation whatever.
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